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Atlanta’s short-term rentals in style



Hotels are expensive and don’t have kitchens, and if they do, they come with nothing in them.

We’re an entrepreneurial family that travels often, so it didn’t take us long to see the value in short-term rental homes. It took even less time to have a heart for providing that experience to other people.

Having a wedding and need a stylistic place that gets tons of natural lighting? Relocating and need some time to find your home or even preparing to move in one? Maybe you’re just traveling for fun and want to check out all of the incredible foods, shops, and events our beautiful city has to offer. Whether you’re a family needing a private and cozy place to stay during your time in town, traveling solo and would rather skip out on ridiculous hotel fees, prices, and minimal accommodations, or a creative that can’t find affordable studio space for photo and video, we’ve got you covered.

'Casa burma'

Every thing in this home is here because we thought of you. Fully stocked kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, sleeps up to 3, his and hers office space, FREE wifi, and more…



Beachy meets homey. We love to travel and we love to feel at home despite where our imagination takes us. So, Green-ville is your answer to a tropical and earthy but zen and comfy experience. This is our unique private room stocked with good reads, coffee, FREE wifi and even dog friendly right near downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Don’t have fun in the city of Greenville and have a boring place to sleep.

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Be sure to connect with us on social media and your email. We don’t just take care of our guests. We want to show you love for even being interested!

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Let us manage your short-term rental


If you are not looking to stay at our properties but are interested in becoming a host or currently are hosting a short-term rental, let us help grow your business!